Our mission is to help bring about a world where it is okay to care.

We're looking for colleagues who share our desire to make a positive difference and improve the lives of people who care for their adult loved ones, whilst using and developing their skills in a tech start-up environment.

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An illustration of diverse family care givers supported by their employers.

Our Values


We co-create our company with empathy for each other, for the good of our mission. We are inclusive and care about our work, and each other. We all understand that we will get there quicker together and better if we are happy.


If it doesn’t help caregivers, we don’t do it.


We are always thinking, ‘How does this help our mission and our company objectives?’ We prefer outcomes over output.


We share the responsibility of building and maintaining an understanding of caregiver needs, pains, what they need to get done. We always start with the caregiver.


We love to dream, to think, to ideate, but what we love most of all is seeing measurable positive impact for working caregivers.


KareHero's founders represent multiple forms of diversity.

We're committed to fostering an environment where everyone is valued and respected, and feels a sense of belonging across — not in spite of — our unique identities Our goal is to maintain a safe, helpful, and friendly environment for all.


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How we work:
Hybrid, but remote first.

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Why hybrid?

We are mostly working remote, but we will still be meeting up on an ad hoc basis in the UK, and so we do not want to position ourselves as 'fully remote'. We are only currently able to hire UK-based people on a fulltime basis right now, although we hope this will change in the future, so if you are outside the UK, please do keep an eye on us.

We meet up because we still value face to face for certain types of work and for forming trust and bonds amongst colleagues. It is lovely to spend time together.

We aim to get together in person at least once a quarter, but this will depend on where people are based and their availability to travel.

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Because this is the future of work. We want to hire the best talent. We believe remote work helps people with family care responsibilities and supports our diversity aims.

We passionately believe as a company that people should not have to choose between family care responsibilities, and their careers. Many people (and some roles) work better remote.

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Remote first

Because we need to always assume some of our colleagues won’t be physically there and we want to make their contribution to any meeting as rich as possible.

We will actively work against proximity bias so that all our colleagues have an equal chance of success in their role at Karehero. We are a post-pandemic company, which means we recognise that Covid-19 changed the way we work forever and that it is likely that there may be more pandemics. We also believe that remote work has a positive impact on climate change.

A happy, supported employee working remotely on her laptop
An older person with aged hands browsing the web on a laptopA remote workers laptopA happy, supported employee working remotely on her laptop

Open opportunities

If you’re excited about health equity and humanising caregiving, we’d love for you to join our diverse and growing team.

Please head to our Linkedin page for job openings