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Our Story

For Stephanie, KareHero mission is personal. She has been a caregiver to her parents for over 20 years and has felt the needs of caregivers every day.

Inside the leadership of KareHero, we have almost 60 years' experience in healthcare, business and technology. Like millions of others, many of us have faced the struggles of trying to balance work and family caregiving commitments, or worked inside the healthcare system where we see how helpless families can feel when they don't know where to turn to for practical help and access to the right care.

Stephanie Leung is the Co-Founder & Chief Kare Officer of KareHeroStephanie Leung is the Co-Founder & Chief Kare Officer of KareHero

Stephanie Leung

Stephanie Leung is the Co-Founder & CEO of KareHero. Throughout her entire professional life, Stephanie has been the default family caregiver to her parents. Prior to founding KareHero, she was a Venture Partner at LocalGlobe VC, COO at startup tiney, Regional Director for 20 countries at Uber, DEI Co-Chair and EMEA Head of Women@Uber. Over the last 20+ years, she has also held various C-level roles in enterprises across Asia and Europe. An alum of Harvard & Cambridge, Stephanie wrote her Masters thesis on the socio-economic impact of the ageing population on the global economy.

"Every major economy in the world is facing a shrinking workforce and an ageing population. Governments, employers and working family caregivers will need to work together to adapt to this new reality. KareHero is built on the belief that we have a fundamental role to play in making families' lives better with true care support."

Connell Locke

As KareHero’s Chief Technology and Product Officer, Connell has deep expertise as a health tech leader. He is a medical doctor, software engineer and serial entrepreneur. Connell spent his NHS career specialising in Acute and Emergency medicine before branching into industry. In 2018 he co-founded a VC backed health technology company, scaling it to more than 100 employees across 5 countries. Since then he has worked in leadership and advisory roles in growing companies. Connell's passion is building teams and tackling hard scientific and societal problems with technology. He joined KareHero having experienced the challenges of delivering health and social care, both as a clinician and technologist. He holds degrees in Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics and Molecular Biology.

A picture of Connell Locke face on, CTPO of KareHero Ltd.A picture of Connell Locke CTPO of KareHero Ltd. face on.

Our mission:

To improve the lives of working caregivers

Today, when working caregivers need to look after a family member or loved one they have to juggle caregiving responsibilities and work or leave their job. They burn out, become unwell themselves, downgrade their career, and lose income.

We envision a world where caregivers have the support they need to maintain their careers and a good quality of life, whilst providing care to those they love.

KareHero aims to help create a positive future for employers, employees and their families.

  • Working adult caregivers do not have to choose between their family or their career

  • Support for working caregivers with adult dependents are viewed in a similar way to maternity, i.e. that it's a natural life stage that can be and should be supported by employers and government alike

  • Caregivers find it easy to find support and community

  • Providers of caregiving services are supported to create a stronger and more efficient ecosystem to help those who need care support the most

An older gentleman at the doctor being supported by his caregiver family members


KareHero's founders represent multiple forms of diversity.

We're committed to fostering an environment where everyone is valued and respected, and feels a sense of belonging across — not in spite of — our unique identities Our goal is to maintain a safe, helpful, and friendly environment for all.


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